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East Coast Barn Builders (ECBB) was started in 1960 by Ed Cady, a carpenter and a contractor.  He was one of the first to preserve English and Dutch style barns, moving them to new locations and rebuilding these barns into custom homes.   ECBB builds homes looking like 1800's barns, keeping the barn look and feel on the inside while creating an attractive, natural, low maintenance exterior.  ECBB uses advanced envelope insulation techniques to provide heating efficiency  while creating an appealing antique look.  We have built homes on the Hamptons on Long Island, New York, Columbia, South Carolina to San Francisco and California.  In the last 45+ years ECBB has completed over 350 projects and can architecturally design and build any home or outbuilding to suit your needs. Through the years we have become the largest mover of antique post and beam frames in the country.

Although ECBB barn conversions tend to resell for over $1.5 million, we will be happy to talk to you about smaller projects.  ECBB is a self-sufficient company, we have our own cranes, trucks, trailers, and man power to tackle any size or style post and beam frame.  ECBB uses materials in it's own projects and does not resell beams or siding by the foot. Although most projects are turnkey ECBB is willing to deliver and assemble a frame on your site and let your contractor finish the job.  All customers are extremely proud of their barn conversion and they're not shy about sharing their experience with us.

East Coast Barn Builders are also known for their collaboration with world renowned interior designers such as Juan Montoya and Stephen Sills.

An excerpt from an article on a new book, "At Home in the American Barn (Rizzoli)", "American barn as home sweet home", Waterbury Rep-Am, May 28, 2016.

"The Cady's have the ability to look at a structure and see beauty in it and can recreate the beauty of it," said Young. "They're quit extraordinary people," he continued, but for rethinking the remark. "That's not the right word....They're extraordinary artists."

Roy Young, of Meadow Sweet Farm

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