Letters of Recognition

President of the  Fairfield Processing Center

Dear Ed:

        I was walking around the house the other day and reflecting on the extraordinary people who created this wonderful place.

        I want to thank you and those who worked on the project for your excellence.  I don't think it's possible to be happier that Ginny and I are with the outcome.

home front

The Lloyd Harbor Historical Society

 Dear Ed:

        On behalf of the Lloyd Historical Society's Board of Directors, Trustees, Members and community at large, George Weir and I wish to sincerely thank you and your men for our exceptionally fine 1764 barn.  You and your crew worked hard and diligently to complete our barn on time and it was beautifully done.

        We owe much to you for the many compliments that we have been receiving.  We highly recommend you and your professional skills.  Thank you again, and please come visit.

lloyd harbor

Ed and Linda Winters

Ed Winters Barn


Jerry & Carol Rothstein Letter


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